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Full Pallet Over 1,400 Pounds Sport & Entertainment Trading Cards FREE SHIPPING!!!


1 PALLET with Over 250,000 Mixed Sports and Entertainment Trading Cards.  FREE SHIPPING !!


1 Pallet with Over 250,000 Cards by the Pound EVERYTHING GOES Trading Cards Lot!!!! WITH FREE SHIPPING…..When Cardsone Says “Everything Goes” When it comes to Trading cards we mean EVERYTHING!!   We have gathered our entire singles trading card inventory from all different sports, entertainment, Superhero, TV/Movie and Non Sport Trading Cards and combined it all together for this remarkably priced deal. If you collect trading cards of all types or you’re a dealer looking for a great product to resell to your customers, this pallet deal is for you!!  This Lot has everything a multi type trading card enthusiast will want. This is Not a common lot like offered by so many other dealers. Our lots have been mixed together of our entire singles inventory unsearched and may include vintage cards, insert cards, Star Cards, Parallel cards, autographed cards, memorabilia cards, numbered cards and so much more. Yes of course there are also common trading cards in these lots but at the price we are selling each lot for the value of each lot will be well over ten times the true retail value card by card.  Happy Treasure Hunting!!!